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Protection of species concerns the most valuable , unique and rare representatives of fauna and flora. In Poland, there are 584 plant species, 90 species of mushrooms and 732 animal species under strict protection. 65% of wild fauna and flora are presented by forest species.

The State Forests undertake their own protection initiatives, at the same time helping the chosen animals and plants species to inhabit the places, where those species became extinct (so called "species reintroductions)") or, where those species are threatened with extinction (so called "species restitutions"). Such actions concern, among others, European yew, European silver fir (in the Sudety area), black grouse and western capercaillie. 

Chances for survival of endangered species are to enlarge protection  areas for the chosen animals ( among others around bird nets). They constitute particular territory the foresters are responsible for, because most of them belong to the areas managed by the State Forests (LP).

Within the grounds of the Forest District Nowa Sól, there are found 30 plant species being under legal protection, including: 18 – under strict protection, 12 – under partial protection. There were also located 4 very rare species in the country. All the species were described in the Nature Protection Program.


In the area of the Forest District Nowa Sól, the occurrence of the following protected plant species was stated (with noting down its precise location):

•  Bryophyte  - moss species Sphagnum fallax

•   Fern – royal fern Osmunda regalis, common polypody Polypodium vulgare, wolf's-foot clubmossLycopodium clavatum, stiff clubmoss Lycopodium annotinum

•  Spermatophyte – 23 species, among others, lesser perwinkle Vinca minor, European ivy Hedera helix, European yewTaxus baccata, common snowdrop Galanthus nivalis, mezereon Daphne mezereum, European hoeysuckleLonicera periclymenum


Within the area of the Forest District Nowa Sól, the occurrence of the following protected animal species was stated:

  • 11 beetle species,
  • 2 butterfly species,
  • 5 hymenoptera species,
  • 11 amphibian species,
  • 7 reptile species,
  • 133 bird species being under strict protection and 6 bird species being under partial protection,
  • 34 mammal species, including 7 under strict protection and 5 under partial protection.


In the area of the Forest District Nowa Sól, 3 protection areas were marked out for:

  • white - tailed eagle – 1 area
  • black stork – 1 area
  • red kite – 1 area

In the area of the Forest District Nowa Sól, there can be found the thickest European white elm in the State Forests.