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Natural Monuments are called legally protected single or group living and inanimate natural monuments (natural objects) with special environmental, cultural, scientific, historical or landscape values. Natural monuments are characterised by individual features, distinguishing them from other natural objects( e.g. age or size of the tree).

The living natural monuments include, among others, single trees and bushes, as well as groups of trees characterised by age, size or unusual shapes).

The inanimate  natural monuments include, among others sources, waterfalls, erratic boulders, and caves.

Within the area of the Forest District Nowa Sól, there are 17 natural monuments including:

11 single trees, 3 monuments of natural surface protection, 1 group of tree stand, 1 tree alley, 1 erratic boulder.

•              erratic boulder"Ołtarz"– Brzeźnica, Przylaski

•              single tree „Kaziu" – Bytom Odrzański, Tarnów

•              single tree „Kazimierz" – Bytom Odrzański, Tarnów

•              single tree „Józef" – Bytom Odrzański, Tarnów

•              single tree „Sosna Francuzów" – Bytom Odrzański, Tarnów

•              single tree „Bronek" – Kożuchów, Przylaski

•              group of tree stand  „Lech", „Czech", „Rus" – Kożuchów, Przylaski

•              single tree „Ceglana Lipa" – Kożuchów, Przylaski

•              single tree „Lech" – Kożuchów, Przylaski

•              alley of 22 oaks „Aleja Marka" (including Tyree daed oaks) – Nowa Sól, Odra

•              single tree „Przydrożnik" – Nowogród Bobrzański, Przylaski

•              single tree „Andrzej" – Siedlisko

•              single tree (dead) „Kuba" – Siedlisko, Odra

•              natural surface protection monument „Cegielnia" – Kożuchów, Przylaski

•              natural surface protection monument „Sosnowe Wywijasy" – Nowogród Bobrzański, Niwiska

•              natural surface protection monument „Nadodrzańskie Dęby" – Nowa Sól, Odra


In Siedlisko, the hurricane (in 2010) felled down the oak, being the natural monument.

Structured monuments are considered to be  objects, provided that, they fulfil the conditions of natural monuments and have well prepared documentation. What is more, mentioned documentation have been already handed in to Commune Office. Every inhabitant of the commune (like commune vogt or clerk), school or association, etc.  can register the natural monuments. One needs to enclose site plan or topographic map with marked  object, altogether with registration form. To recognise a tree as natural monument, its breast height diameter (dbh) should be bigger than estimated minimal values for the given species.