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The Forest District Nowa Sól with the current borders was created on January 1st, 1974 out of the former Forest Districts, namely: Przyborów, Kożuchów, Niwiska and Otyń. However, on January 1st, 1993 , the Forest Sub-District Otyń became the part of newly formed the Forest District Przytok.

Presently,the Forest District Nowa Sól consists of 13 forest ranger areas:
  • The Forest Ranger Area Odra,
  • The Forest Ranger Area Przyborów,
  • The Forest Ranger Area Siedlisko,
  • The Forest Ranger Area Stany,
  • The Forest Ranger Area Kiełcz,
  • The Forest Ranger Area Książ,
  • The Forest Ranger Area Mirocin,
  • The Forest Ranger Area Nowa Sól,
  • The Forest Ranger Area Solniki,
  • The Forest Ranger Area Tarnów,
  • The Forest Ranger Area Jarogniewice,
  • The Forest Ranger Area Niwiska,
  • The Forest Ranger Area Przylaski

In the years 1982-1984the Forest District Nowa Sól was affected by significant growth of population density of Black Arches. The areas of fighting against this pest covered as many as 8165 hectares. In 2000, The Forest District Nowa Sól, for the nth time, was attacked by the Black Arches. In order to fight it against, there were used chemical gents (pesticides) spread over by planes.

In 2003 within the lands of the Forest District Nowa Sól, there occurred very strong hailstorm. The storm with the strength of very dangerous downburst covered the forest area of 1000 hectares with its range. A forest stand was damaged to a large   extend (from 10 to 90%). The hailstorm resulted in removing 44 hectares of the forest stands. Damaged area has been totally renewed.

Within the area of the Forest District Nowa Sól, there are also Seed Extraction Plantin  Siedlisko and Plant Nursery Company. Currently, Seed Extraction Plantprovides services to the Forest Districts subordinated to the Regional Directorate of State Forest in Zielona Góra, as well as to the neighbouring forest districts from RDLP Wroclaw. Among others, Seed Extraction Plantoffers its services in husking seeds out of coniferous trees cones, oak seeds thermotherapy and long-term seeds storage. Seed Extraction Plantin Siedlisko presents combination of pre-war technology (the furnace from 1936) with modernity.