About Forest District

The Forest District Nowa Sól is located in the west part of Poland, on the border of Lubusz Land (Ziemia Lubuska) and Lower Silesia ; in the south-eastern part of RDLP in Zielona Góra. It shares its land borders with the Forest District Zielona Góra to the north – west, with the Forest District Przytok to the north, with the Forest District Sława Śląska to the south – east, with the Forest District Głogów ( RDLP Wroclaw) to the south – east, with The Forest District Szprotawa to the south and with the Forest District Krzystkowice to the west.

Forest resources

Forests of the Forest District Nowa Sól consist of 380 forest complexes. Two largest complexes cover the total area of 12 275,39 ha ( that makes 50% of the Forest District territory). Within the areas of the Forest District Nowa Sól, there are coniferous forest sites with pine dominance.


Silviculture is the basic section of the forest farming. Major duty of silviculture is nursery and renewal of certain tree species and bushes, as well as their complexes. The main aim of silviculture is maintaining the existing forests and creating the new ones.

Forest protection

Knowledge about the processes existing in nature and the control of natural forest environment let the foresters make an early diagnosis of danger, that can be harmful for the forest condition. Every year, they take actions in order to preserve forest life and increase its natural resistance to damaging factors.

Forest use

Forest use means usage of its resources – timber harvesting, forest ground cover harvesting, plants harvesting in whole or partly for pharmaceutical industry, obtaining young conifers, exploitation of minerals, but also significant participation of forests in restricting global warming effect. The foresters enable the society to use forest crops in a manner ensuring its continuity and sustainability.

Forest management

Forest management in State Forests is based on the Forest Management Plans created for the Forest District once per 10 years. They are prepared for the State Forests by specialised units, among others by The Bureau for Forest Management and Geodesy (BULiGL). The Forest Management Plans are approved by Environment Minister after consultations with society.


In forests , there live about 60% out of 618 species of vertebrates, that can be found in Poland. Civilization caused, that immemorial balance of nature and rules being in force in the forest ecosystem, have been undermined. What's important, it influences the animals living there. That is why, nowadays their number, ways of nursery, as well as preventing harms from game animals are regulated by law, both Polish and European Union law.