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Knowledge about the processes existing in nature and the control of natural forest environment let the foresters make an early diagnosis of danger, that can be harmful for the forest condition. Every year, they take actions in order to preserve forest life and increase its natural resistance to damaging factors.

Forest protectionis a branch of forest economy responsible for forest protection against damages:

●  biotic (caused by  animate nature factors),

●  abiotic (caused by  inanimate nature factors),

●  antropogenic (damages caused by people).

In the forest, the most often occurring pets, there are: black arches, European pine sawfly, pine-tree lappet, geometer  moths or pine beauty, which feed on leaves of forest trees in the assimilation  process (crown of the tree). Bark beetle, pissodes pini (beetle from weevil family), beetle metallic wood borer (Phaenops cyaneus) and two spotted oak bupriestid (Agrilus biguttatus), which feed on wood. There are also so called forest crops and young trees pests, among others the large pine weevil (Hylobius abietis), European oak leafroller  (Tortrix  viridana).   

Forest protection against  the abiotic factors (by inanimate nature factors) is mainly based on removing  damages caused by strong winds, heavy rains, high and low temperatures). 

The Forest District  conducts activities to obtain as high forest stand resistance to effects on winds or snowfalls as possible.

Air pollution  and fires are very serious and permanent threat for forests. Many actions  are  taken there in order to prevent forest protection against pollutions and fires. Thefts, malicious damages and poaching make a lot of harms in the forest. In order to limit these kind of damages, the workers of Forestry Service take actions. The whole work of Forest Service Guard is connected with protection of the forest resources and the State Forest property, as well as with detecting criminals and offences committed by them. That is why monitoring and Border Guard patrols are used.