Areas of protected landscapes

Areas of protected landscapes, these are protected lands because of distinguishing landscape with varied ecosystems, very valuable in the means of tourism and relax, as well as of wildlife (green) corridors.

Natura 2000 areas

The Natura 2000 network is the way of fulfilling the European Union obligations imposed by the Convention On Biological Diversity (Rio de Janeiro, 1992). Its main duty is maintenance of biological diversity through protection of the most valuable and rare nature elements – important from the point of view of the whole Europe. This form of protection not only supplement national system of protection, but also gives substantive reasons for natural heritage preservation of bio-geographical regions at the continent level. It is connected with choosing (according defined criteria), and then protecting certain areas.

Natural monuments

Natural Monuments are called legally protected single or group living and inanimate natural monuments (natural objects) with special environmental, cultural, scientific, historical or landscape values. Natural monuments are characterised by individual features, distinguishing them from other natural objects( e.g. age or size of the tree).

Ecological sites

Ecological sites are one of forms of nature protection in our country. Ecological sites include remains of ecosystems, that deserve preserving (www), and which are important to sustain biological diversity.

Species protection

Protection of species concerns the most valuable , unique and rare representatives of fauna and flora. In Poland, there are 584 plant species, 90 species of mushrooms and 732 animal species under strict protection. 65% of wild fauna and flora are presented by forest species.