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Forest use means usage of its resources – timber harvesting, forest ground cover harvesting, plants harvesting in whole or partly for pharmaceutical industry, obtaining young conifers, exploitation of minerals, but also significant participation of forests in restricting global warming effect. The foresters enable the society to use forest crops in a manner ensuring its continuity and sustainability.

The State Forests are the main supplier of wood on the Polish market.

The quantity of timber harvesting is defined in the Forest   Management Plan, which is created for each single forest district every 10 years. It ensures timber harvesting within the area not only not exceeding production capabilities, but also regularly enlarging the wood stocks remaining in the forests, so called unharvested tree reserves. In short, the foresters carry out the forest management in a manner ensuring its sustainability and possibility of biological restoration.

Tree felling carried out by the Forest District is one of the components of well-balanced forest economy and harvested in that way wood is specially certified. Purchasing products designated as such, one can be sure, they come from the forest managed in accordance with the nature interest.

In the Forest District Nowa Sól, there are performed the following quantities as regards renewals, forestation and nursery of the forest  per annum:

  • renewing forest (cultivation) area - 135 hectares,
  • renewals of  complex forest cuttings - 60 hectares,
  • rebuilding of forest stands - 4 hectares,
  • soil nursery - 256 hectares,
  • crops nursery - 185 hectares,
  • young stands nursery- 305 hectares,
  • young stand thinning (cutting down trees in young forest stands - 261 hectares,
  • old stand thinning (cutting down trees in mature forest stands) - 1167 hectares.

The Forest District Nowa Sólobtains per annum:

●     89,604 cubic meters of large timber (commercial and fuel  wood), including:

●     42,604 cubic meters of wood obtained from old-growth (mature) forest stands

●     47,000 cubic meters of  wood obtained during nursing actions.