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The forests of the Forest District Nowa Sól are classified as belonging to the I (first) highest category of the fire hazard. We can have to do with the fire hazard, only when there exist conditions and real possibility of the uncontrolled fire occurrence, which require organised action to put out a fire.

The main reason of arising a fire in  the forest is a careless use of fire, arsons and transfers from non-forest lands. Danger of a fire arising is also connected with increased quantity of forest penetration by tourist and local people, while picking up blue berries and mushrooms in summer or in autumn. At that time, the most exposed to fires are the forest stands located in the neighbourhood of the busiest roads. Large vehicular traffic on the national roads can also increase the forest hazard.


In a fire danger assessment the most important factors are:

  • (rain)falls,
  • wind velocity,
  • solar radiation intensity,
  • air temperature,
  • air humidity.

On the basis of the humidity of the plant (pine) litter, air humidity and quantity of falls, the foresters define a degree of the fire hazard.


There can be distinguished the following degrees of the fire hazard:

  • 0 – no fire risk,
  • I – low fire risk,
  • II – moderate fire risk,
  • III – high fire risk.


District Forest Manger can impose a seasonal forest access prohibition, if there has already occurred  high fire risk ( after 5 day long period of time during which the pine litter humidity measured at 9:00 was lower than 10%).